Modern automatic gearboxes use a combination of electrical control units & mechanical parts to operate successfully. Like any other area of your car, these components require some degree of maintenance & can on occasion develop faults. At P J Hodge & Sons, we invest heavily in vehicle manufacturer’s own servicing & diagnostic tools so that we can look after all of your gearbox & transmission needs, using the same equipment as the main dealerships.

We work on manual, automatic & semi-automatic transmission systems including:

  • S-Tronic, Multi-Tronic, DSG & Mechatronic systems
  • ZF transmission systems
  • Mercedes 5G, 7G & 9G Tronic systems
  • Powershift gearboxes


Routine gearbox servicing is an area often overlooked by car owners. However, just as your engine needs regular oil and filter changes, your transmission also needs periodic work to keep it in top condition. Lack of routine maintenance can cause problems in the long run. With replacement automatic gearboxes costing thousands, we recommend that the oil, filter and certain other components are changed and maintained at regular intervals. Manufacturers make specific recommendations as to how often this work should be carried out. If you are unsure what your vehicle needs at a particular time, just give us a call and we’ll check for you.


Proper maintenance of your automatic gearbox will significantly reduce the risk of it developing a fault. However, on occasions they can still develop issues. Without the proper kit, transmission and gearbox faults can be tricky to diagnose. We use the vehicle manufacturer’s own diagnostic tools and software, technical bulletins, test plans, repair protocols and information on vehicle recalls. By doing this, we will confidently and accurately diagnose any transmission issue you may be having.

Signs to look out for that may indicate a transmission or gearbox issue that needs attention include:

  • Difficulty selecting gear
  • Losing gear position
  • Harsh gear changes
  • Unusual noises, such as whining or crunching
  • Oil or fluid leaks
  • A warning light or message appearing on your dash

If you find yourself in this position with your vehicle, try not to panic. Give us a call on 01604 588 911. We will be happy to help!

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© 2022 P J Hodge & Sons. Site designed and hosted by ChimeraTek