Air Conditioning Servicing & Repair

At P J Hodge & Sons, we invest heavily to be able to meet all of your air conditioning needs. There are two main air conditioning refrigerants used, depending on the age of the vehicle. Most vehicles registered before 2017 use R134A refrigerant & those registered after this tend to use R1234yf refrigerant. Hybrid & electric vehicles use a slightly modified variant of the R1234yf system, using a different oil. At P J Hodge & Sons, we work with all of these systems.

Air conditioning maintenance is often overlooked by car owners, but most manufacturers recommend an air conditioning service is carried out every two years. With air conditioning doing more than just keeping you cool in the warmer months, regular maintenance will ensure your system continues to do everything it should, including:

  • Heating & cooling your vehicle
  • Dehumidifying
  • Air purifying

Signs that your vehicle may need an air conditioning service include:

  • The air con not getting as cold as it used to
  • A funny smell from the interior vents
  • Unusual noises, such as whining

Sometimes faults can develop & you may find that your air conditioning system isn’t working as it once was or should. This could be just because the system needs a service, or it could indicate a fault such as a refrigerant leak, a fault with the pipework or an issue with one of the air conditioning components such as the compressor or condenser. Whatever the issue, we can get to the bottom of it for you, just give us a call or pop in.

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© 2022 P J Hodge & Sons. Site designed and hosted by ChimeraTek