Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

With the government banning the sale of new petrol and diesel fuelled cars from 2030, the number of hybrid & electric vehicles on the road is soaring. Despite this, it seems that as few as 20% of garages staff have acquired the necessary training to work on these vehicles. This is especially concerning. Hybrid & electric vehicles carry between 100-600 volts and 150 amps within their high voltage systems. It can take as little as 40 to 60 volts and 0.08 amps to cause cardiac arrest. So – finding the right place to look after your hybrid or electric vehicle is essential, both for the wellbeing of your car and the safety of anyone who comes into contact with it.

Fully IMI Certified

At P J Hodge & Sons Ltd, we hold the latest IMI approved certifications to work on your electric or hybrid vehicle. Our staff keep up-to-date by attending regular training courses. We invest heavily in necessary equipment to enable us to work safely on your vehicle. Most of the tools we use come directly from your car’s manufacturer. This means that the equipment we use to service, diagnose and repair your hybrid or electric vehicle is the same as that used at the main dealerships.

The services we offer for electric & hybrid vehicles include:

  • Routine servicing & maintenance
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Repair

To find out more about servicing your hybrid or electric vehicle, or maybe to book it in for a service, get in touch today.

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© 2022 P J Hodge & Sons. Site designed and hosted by ChimeraTek