Service excellence for all vehicles

Whether new or old, making sure that your vehicle is serviced correctly is vital to ensure its safety & longevity, & to ensure that any manufacturers warranty that you may have is maintained.
To this end we carry out a number of stringent measures. These include:

• Checking service requirements against manufacturers recommended service schedules

• Use of original manufacturers parts

• Accessing & updating your vehicle’s on-board and/or online service records, where applicable

• Carrying out vehicle software updates, where required

• Providing you with an itemised report of all parts & labour carried out

Vehicle servicing

Dealer level diagnostics because the quicker we know what’s wrong, the sooner you can be safely & confidently back on the road


When it comes to servicing, we go the extra mile carrying out checks that many garages simply can’t perform. For instance, our advanced fault diagnosis and repair tools pin-point problems quickly so we can get to work fixing it, rather than hunting for it! The quicker we know what’s wrong, the cheaper we can make it right for you.

In addition, we have all of the manufacturers’ system information for each vehicle and this is updated daily. So we can often detect and fix what a lot of other independent garages can’t. As a finishing touch, we can also collect your car and return it to you spotlessly clean inside and out.

MOT’s are part of the service



As a Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) accredited test station we are fully approved to carry out MOT test for any of the following vehicle classes:

Class 1 – motorcycles up to 200cc
Class 2 – motorcycles above 200cc
Class 4 – cars, short vans, dual purpose vehicles, ambulances, taxis, private hire vehicles

Let P J Hodge & Sons do your MOT at the same time as your car service or performance upgrade and it will save you having to make another journey to have it done another time.

Tyres, fitting and balancing service



This is an extra service we offer to all of our customers. We can supply and fit tyres if you need new ones to pass an MOT, or if we spot a problem when servicing your car. We keep a large range in stock, and can order tyres to arrive for fitting on the same day. It just saves you having to make an extra journey to have new tyres fitted.

Air conditioning servicing



All of our technicians have Automotive Technician Accreditation to work with car air conditioning systems. This means they are approved for safe handling of the gas, which should be checked, replaced or topped up every two years to prolong the life of the air conditioning system. Most car air conditioning systems are underused in the UK, so 10% to 15% of the gas is lost on average each year. Did you know for instance, that you can use your air con in the winter to demist the windows, as well as to keep you cool in the summer?

Less wear and tear on your wheels – laser wheel alignment



One of the technologically superior pieces of equipment we can use is our four-wheel laser wheel alignment device. This is far more advanced than anything that is used by the average high street wheel or tyre specialist. This enables us to offer extremely precise wheel alignment. Naturally, this gives less wear and tear on your tyres and allows your car to run more smoothly.

Prevention is better than cure – get a seasonal health check



You want to keep your family safe during the colder winter months. After all, you wouldn’t want to get stuck in ice or snow because something important on your car hadn’t been checked. This is why our Winter Check is such a good idea. From just £99, we take a good look at vital components like your tyres, oil and antifreeze levels, lights, wiper blades and so on. It’s a kind of winter MOT that helps to maintain the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle in difficult conditions.

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© 2022 P J Hodge & Sons. Site designed and hosted by ChimeraTek