• We offer a FREE pick-up and delivery service for all vehicle we service in the Northampton area.
  • As a Bosch Car Service approved garage we must take part in a programme of regular quality and performance checks...find out more
  • It's always nice to get something for free, so we'll provide FREE fitting for any wipers and bulbs that you may require while your vehicle is with us.
  • Our opening hours are: Monday-Friday 8.00am - 5.30pm and Saturday 8.00am - 12.30pm
  • If your vehicle needs a spring clean while it with us we offer you a range of valet services so it's spick and span ready for your collection.

As part of the Bosch Car Service network, we work to an Office of Fair Trading approved Consumer Code of Practice.

This gives you peace of mind in knowing that you are going to get the best technical service and the best customer service.

If for any reason you can’t get through to us, simple enter your details below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



Brief reason for call:

Car service excellence for all makes of vehicle

Making sure that your vehicle is serviced at the correct intervals as recommended by the manufacturer can save you a lot of money in the long run, as excessive wear and breakdowns can lead to expensive repairs. A regular service at the recommended intervals as well as the stamped documentation as proof of its history will all help to ensure the value and reliability of your vehicle.

At P J Hodge & Sons, we pride ourselves on offering a service that goes far beyond what many other garages provide. We like to call it 'car service excellence'

Read more about our advanced fault diagnosis & repair tools and how to increase the efficiency, fuel economy and performance of your vehicle .

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  Car servicing Northampton


The value is in the detail, not just the price

At P J Hodge & Sons, we like to think of ourselves as the 'better garage'. Come to us and you’ll quickly find that the value is in the detail, not just the price. We’ll look after your vehicle as if it was one of our own. We’ll give you a more complete service, looking after the whole vehicle. We can provide a pick-up and delivery service. We’ll even provide free fitting for replacement wipers and bulbs.

Above all, we look to build long-term relationships with all of our customers, by offering a first class service at an affordable price.

Call us today on 01604 588911 for car service excellence
  Good value vehicle servicing Northampton


Vehicle servicing - the quicker we know what's wrong, the cheaper we can make it right

When it comes to servicing, we go the extra mile carrying out checks that many garages simply can’t perform. For instance, our advanced fault diagnosis and repair tools pin-points problems quickly so we can get to work fixing it, rather than hunting for it! The quicker we know what's wrong, the cheaper we can make it right for you.

In addition, we have all of the manufacturers’ system information for each vehicle and this is updated daily. So we can often detect and fix what a lot of other independent garages can’t. As a finishing touch, we can also collect your car and return it to you spotlessly clean inside and out.

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  Vehicle servicing Northampton


Fleet and lease car servicing with total warranty protection

Many people mistakenly believe that if you have your car serviced at any garage other than the main dealer, then the manufacturer’s warranty will be invalidated. Not so. If we carry out any work on your car, van, bike or other vehicle during a service, we will always use original manufacturers’ parts, so your warranty will be completely unaffected.

We also offer a high standard of care and servicing for fleet and lease vehicles. As we are VAT registered and Bosch Car Service approved, we are qualified to service fleet cars. And we can also carry out servicing on lease vehicles without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty. These include, Class 1 motorcycles up to 200cc, Class 2 motorcycles above 200cc and Class 4 cars, vans, dual purpose vehicles, ambulances, taxis and private hire vehicles.

In fact, we take care of a number of vehicles from their very first one, mainly because of the high quality of our fault diagnosis and repair equipment. Indeed, we actually handle the fleet servicing and care for one of the major leading high street banks.

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All in all, our servicing for fleet and lease vehicles offers you three important benefits:

  • We charge significantly less than main dealers - and even better, the deal gets better as your fleet grows
  • We have equivalent if not superior fault diagnosis and repair equipment to many of the main dealers
  • Our equipment is updated daily and is used by technicians who are fully trained and attend courses to broaden their skills throughout the year
Fleet and lease vehicle servicing Northampton


MOT's can all be part of the service

As an add-on service we can also take care of the MOT on your performance, fleet or lease car.

We do MOTs on three classes of vehicles:

Class 1 - motorcycles up to 200cc
Class 2 - motorcycles above 200cc
Class 4 - cars, short vans, dual purpose vehicles, ambulances, taxis, private hire vehicles

Let P J Hodge & Sons do your MOT at the same time as your car service or performance upgrade and it will save you having to make another journey to have it done elsewhere.

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  Vehicle MOT and inspection Northampton


Air-conditioning servicing

All of our technicians have Automotive Technician Accreditation to work with car air conditioning systems. This means they are approved for safe handling of the gas, which should be checked, replaced or topped up every two years to prolong the life of the air conditioning system. Most car air conditioning systems are underused in the UK, so 10% to 15% of the gas is lost on average each year. Did you know for instance, that you can use your air con in the winter to demist the windows, as well as to keep you cool in the summer.

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  Vehicle air conditioning servicing Northampton


Less wear and tear on your wheels - laser wheel alignment

One of the technologically superior pieces of equipment we can use is our four-wheel laser wheel alignment device. This is far more advanced than anything that is used by the average high street wheel or tyre specialist. This enables us to offer extremely precise wheel alignment. Naturally, this gives less wear and tear on your tyres and allows your car to run more smoothly.

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  Laser wheel alignment Northampton


Tyres, fitting and balancing service

This is an extra service we offer to all of our customers. We can supply and fit tyres if you need new ones to pass an MOT, or if we spot a problem when servicing your car. We keep a large range in stock, and can order tyres to arrive for fitting on the same day. It just saves you having to make an extra journey to have new tyres fitted.

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  Tyre fitting and balancing Northampton


Prevention is better than cure - get a seasonal health check

You want to keep your family safe during the colder winter months. After all, you wouldn’t want to get stuck in ice or snow because something important on your car hadn’t been checked. This is why our Winter Check is such a good idea. From just £99, we take a good look at vital components like your tyres, oil and antifreeze levels, lights, wiper blades and so on. It’s a kind of winter MOT that helps to maintain the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle in difficult conditions.

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  Seasonal vehicle health checks Northampton

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