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Integrate your life into your car

iPod, iPhone, Bluetooth, Handsfree, Video...

P J Hodge & Sons are an authorised Dension Audio Systems installer and reseller. Dension are one of the world's leading manufacturers of connected car entertainment systems including iPod, iPhone, bluetooth & handsfree and video.

You can seamlessly take virtually any electronic device - iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, USB or any Bluetooth-enabled phone - and integrate it into your car's existing entertainment system without making any changes to your car interior.

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Integrate your life into your car. ipod, iphone, handsfree and bluetooth integration

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Integrating your iPod and iPhone into your car

You can play iPod or USB music through your original car radio, using the controls and display in your car. You can also connect and charge your iPod, iPhone, USB mobile storage device or MP3 player through your original car stereo.

You can control your music device from your car radio and/or your steering wheel controls and look at your iPod and USB menu on your existing in-car screen. This is quick and easy to install in our workshop.


  Integrate your iPod and iPhone into your car

In-car bluetooth and hands-free connectivity

We can fit a bluetooth interface that allows you to make hands-free telephone calls, stream music from your phone and play it through your car radio. It also sends the information from your phone to the display in your car so that you can browse the phonebook, see who is calling you, and read information about call lists, all without having to touch the phone itself.

  • Make and receive hands-free phone calls in the car
  • Browse your phonebook (if your car has a display) and see your contacts on screen
  • Play MP3s from your phone through your car’s audio system
  • See call records including missed calls, last call and so on
  • Pair up to five different phones



  Bluetooth integration

Connect your iPhone or iPod to your in-car screens

The Dension IVA or iPod Video Adapter enables you to watch videos from your iPod or iPhone (including 4G) on a separate screen, either in a vehicle or at home, while charging the iPod or iPhone.

The IVA can transmit video signals to any screen with a composite video input (that’s the yellow jack). This could be the original screen in your car, a screen in the rear headrest, or even your television at home.

If you use a 3G-enabled iPhone, it can even stream YouTube or Freeview TV into the car for you. There are two video outputs and the IVA has a booster built in, so you can feed the signal to two screens with no loss of quality. With this system, you can:

  • Play your iPod videos on screens in the car
  • Use it and connect to your TV at home
  • Split the signal between two screens with no loss of quality
  • Charge your iPod/iPhone
  • Use it for simple iPod integration to provide audio in your car 



  Connect your iPod and iPhone videos to your in-car screens
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